What Does Electrical Maintenance Include?

Homeowners, businesses, and landlords can benefit from electrical maintenance, which a qualified electrical technician must carry out.

The purpose of the maintenance service is to identify any faults and ensure all electrical systems meet safety standards, regulations, and building codes. In particular, landlords and businesses have legal obligations to ensure all electrical equipment is maintained and safe, which can be fulfilled with regular PAT testing (portable appliance testing).

Our maintenance service covers digital communication devices, indoor and outdoor lighting systems, junction boxes, hydraulics, transformers, surge protectors, pneumatics, and generators. The maintenance electrician will inspect the wiring, plug sockets, circuit breakers, and electrical panels. They will also check domestic and office appliances, such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, boilers, cookers, and air conditioners.

What Is Electrical Maintenance?

Electrical maintenance is the process of testing and monitoring electrical systems. The electrician will repair or replace faulty components. In wet locations, the technician will ensure ground-fault circuit interrupters are installed and working.

This service will ensure fire detectors are installed and working and identify frayed wires and overloaded power outlets. Thermal imaging may be used to spot hot wires and sparks that may start a fire.

Preventative Maintenance

Everyone has the right to live or work in a safe environment, free from electrical hazards. When electrical maintenance is carried out regularly, you preempt problems and reduce the risks of electric shock and fire.

Preventative maintenance is an excellent practice in homes, industrial buildings, and commercial premises, ensuring appliances, machines, and equipment, which all rely on computer software and hardware, don’t let you down. Preventing data loss, downtime, power outages, and energy drains will lower the running cost of your home or business.

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