The Types Of Electrical Installation & How To Tell Which You Need

Almost everything around us that has some function or operation relies on electricity. Whether it is in the home, a factory, or on a ship, whenever a light turns on or equipment starts up; an electrical installation brings the power to where it is needed.

The benefits and convenience of electricity are undeniable; however, it has the potential to cause harm as serious as a fatality. The dangers of an electrical installation that does not meet the strict safety regulations and building codes include electric shock and electrical fires. You cannot be too cautious around electricity, and this is why you should not try to install or fix an electrical installation yourself.

Always choose a qualified and accredited contractor for your electrical installation. With these words of caution out of the way, let’s look at the types of electrical installation and how to tell which one you need.

Domestic Electrical Installation

A domestic electrical installation covers everything inside the border of a residential property, be that a bungalow, a mid-terrace home, or a domestic garage.

Domestic installations include wiring a brand new home, taking power to circuit breakers, lights, plug sockets, and appliances. The work may also include connecting the house to the main power line.
The moniker of electrical installation also includes rewiring an old home with outdated or unsafe electric cables, updating electrics during a renovation, or taking wiring into a new extension.

You may need a domestic electrical installation if you are adding air conditioning, switching from a gas cooker to an electric oven, adding a new shower, or if you wish to take electricity into your garage or out to your garden. You will need this work to add plug sockets, move a light switch, install a burglar alarm or CCTV, add wall lights, or move a ceiling light.

The electrician will use different grades of wire for high-energy appliances such as cookers and water heaters. They will ensure the work meets the appropriate codes and consider your future needs, simplifying changes or additions down the road.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Commercial electrical installations are almost anything that takes place in a building or on-premises that are larger than your typical home. These larger projects are by their nature more complex and cover offices, production lines, factories, shopping malls, housing developments, schools, hotels, and hospitals. The electrician will follow schematics and electrical drawings to complete the work, including ensuring enough electricity reaches each part of the building without overloading circuit breakers. The work might include installing emergency lighting, heating, security devices, or an entire building management system (BMS electrical installation).

Commercial work differs from domestic electrical installations because the wiring is usually left accessible for future maintenance and modifications, protected by conduits. Special considerations may be needed where hazardous or flammable gases and liquids are in use, and cables may need shielding from heat, moisture, and erosion.

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