Opus Smart Security Systems

Your home is your castle and if you want to prevent your property being breached by burglars you need to get smart. With our highly sophisticated home alarm and CCTV systems, you can guarantee to keep unwanted guests out, while ensuring your family and your most prized possessions stay safe.

Monitor Your Home Wherever You Are

There’s simply no better way to secure your home than incorporating smart technology. Smart home security gives homeowners the power to be in control. Monitor your property wherever you are, and at any time, via your smartphone or tablet. With multiple cameras and motion detection sensors discreetly located inside and outside your property, you can leave home knowing your house has maximum protection.

Peace Of Mind With Smart Home Alarm Systems

Thanks to the phenomenal advances in technology, home security systems are soaring in popularity throughout the UK. Opus Smart Home Systems provides homeowners and landlords with complete peace of mind. Our highly skilled team can create an individually tailored home security alarm system to meet your specific needs. Decide on how many cameras you would like to monitor the property and listen to our experts who will discuss the options available to you. They will even be able to tell you where your cameras should be placed for maximum results.


Another huge benefit of our wireless home security systems is that you can see visitors at your front door, whether you are relaxing in your living room or busy at work. Via the smart app, you can even answer the door virtually, which is perfect for when the Postle has a parcel too big for your letterbox, as you can instruct them to leave it in a safe location. You will also receive notifications every time a motion sensor is tripped. A recent survey found eight out of 10 people with a smart home security system felt more at ease by having a secure system in place. Join the masses today.

Get smart and give your family the ultimate protection they deserve. Our smart security and alarm systems are ideal for businesses and homes.

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