Smart home heating systems

Smart home heating is an excellent way to be green and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. The cosy smart heating control will also increase your levels of comfort as the smart thermostat maintains an optimal temperature.

With smart central heating, everything becomes automated with precision. A remote control thermostat for central heating gives you control to make adjustments to the level of warmth. Multi-room control is a smart option that you will appreciate allowing you to set the temperature for each room, including your bedroom and places which you use more or less often.

You can save money and reduce your energy consumption, and if you have a varied schedule or know that you will be early or late home, then you can control the heating through your smartphone. Smart home heating can also include technology and sensors that can track when you enter or leave home, or detect draughts if you leave a window or door open. You will also enjoy the convenience of a safe mode and holiday mode.

Smart home heating controls

The smart home heating controller is a single interface and app that you access through your phone or tablet. Your mobile phone or tablet works as Wi-Fi central heating controller, so you can relax and change the temperature from any room in your house. You can also turn the heating on or off while you are at work or out and about. With a smart home, your heating is always on your schedule.

Wireless heating and Wi-Fi heating control is a modern luxury that anyone can afford. You can choose the elements that you desire, and we will put together bespoke installation, unique to you. If you want to enjoy the benefits of complete smart home, then you can add in smart lighting and smart security.

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