A smart home allows your home technology to work seamlessly to provide total protection and ease of use. Whether it’s home lighting, heating, security or entertainment, your home has multiple buttons and switches in use. Imagine if you could access everything from one place, be it a home control system on a wall, a mobile app or even from your TV, allowing you to schedule certain actions at specific times of the day, wherever you are? At Opus Smart Security, we can provide homeowners with the finest range of home control systems, all of which can be individually tailored to suit everyone’s distinct needs.

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Control the lights in your home using your phone with smart lighting installations from Opus Smart Solutions.
Lower your energy bills with long-lasting LED smart lighting that connects to your homes Wi-Fi and can even detect motion. Never bang your toe in the dark again as the lights will switch on once motion is detected.


Beat the burglars and avoid the anguish caused from a break-in by getting smart on home security today. At Opus Smart Security our talented team boasts more than 20 years’ experience in the home security sector and thrive in thwarting determined criminals.  Our smart house security options are vast and embrace the advances in cutting-edge innovations. Not only will our smart home technology installers help keep burglars at bay, we can save you money and streamline your processes to make your property work effectively for you.


Avoid walking into a cold home, or heating an empty house when you can control your heating remotely wherever you are. This feature also helps you to save money on your energy bills whilst having the advantage of monitoring your energy usage. Our smart heating solutions will take the hassle out of programming your heating as smart thermostats learn your schedule and comfort temperatures.