House Rewiring

House rewiring is often necessary with old wires and faulty electrics, creating a dangerous hazard that can start a fire or cause injury or electrocution. Opus Smart Solutions provides full or partial electrical rewiring of your home, bringing everything up to standard. 
House rewiring may be needed to reach the requirements of building regulations. This is usually the case if you add to your home or undertake renovation work that will involve making significant alterations. Your home also needs to meet building regulations if you add a garage or conduct an attic conversion. 
Opus will check that the existing wiring can manage the new loads and demands. A registered electrician must complete these checks and rewiring a house. We will safely carry out any necessary work and future proof your wiring for changes you might make over the coming years. 

House rewiring, what does it involve?

We start by conducting a full assessment and EICR Testing electrical safety test. We are then able to confirm if your home meets regulations. If house rewiring is needed, it usually takes two to ten days, depending on the property’s size and condition. 
It is possible to remain in your home while rewiring your home; however, there may be a lot of dust and mess for you to contend with. Along with the wires, we will upgrade the fuse box and bring earthing in line with current requirements. 
The first fix is carried out early on in any renovation or building project, before plastering and redecorating. It usually happens at the same time as plumbing and central heating work. 

When to rewire your home

House rewiring is typical on properties that are more than 25 years old that are undergoing home improvements. We check the wiring is up to date and able to manage modern living demands and confirm the cost before commencing any work. 
If you are purchasing a home, the telltale signs that house rewiring is needed include finding old-style fuse boxes and a mix of switch and socket styles throughout the home. If the wire is insulated in fabric, rubber, or lead, if fuses keep blowing, if you smell burning, hear crackling or buzzing noises, see discolouration around plugs or sockets, or notice the lights are flickering, an update might be required. 


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