EICR Inspection

EICR Inspection aka an Electrical Installation Condition Report is a document produced by a qualified electrician to show the state of a premises’ electrical systems. EICR checks are one of the best ways to ensure a building is up to date with the latest buildings and safety regulations.

EICR testing is an inspection of your property’s electrical systems and can be requested by homeowners, landlords, and businesses. Testing should take place at regular intervals, depending on the premises’ state and use:

  • Homeowners should have an EICR check once every ten years, but yearly if the premises include a swimming pool
  • EICR testing for landlords should be carried out once every five years or when there is a tenant change
  • Businesses should have electrical testing once every five years

It is not a legal requirement to have periodic safety testing. However, the owner of the property or building is responsible for the welfare of employees and tenants. A failure to ensure their safety can lead to prosecution.

What is an EICR testing certificate?

Upon completion of your electrical testing, you will receive an EICR inspection certificate. The certificate identifies the state of your property’s electrical systems into one of three category bands:

  • C1 – The electrics are dangerous and require immediate attention
  • C2 – The electrics pose a potential danger, and urgent attention is recommended
  • C3 – The electrics pose no threat, but improvements are advised

Periodic Safety Testing

Electrical systems deteriorate over time. As they age, wear and tear can lead to increased risks and safety hazards. Faulty wiring, shorts, and improperly insulated wiring might lead to an electrical fire. If your property hasn’t been checked for several years, or if you are buying a house, an EICR check is highly beneficial. To book your test today please contact a member of our team.

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