Does CCTV Help Protect Your Home?

Protecting your home from burglars while you are out or asleep is extremely important if you want to keep your family safe and protect your valued possessions. Home CCTV is one of the most significant deterrents and can help you achieve the peace of mind you need.

No thief wants to risk being caught on security cameras that can capture evidence that is almost refutable in a court of law. By installing these, you will significantly increase the risk of burglars getting caught and prosecuted, which substantially reduces your home’s likelihood of being targeted.

Cameras are a relatively inexpensive tool when weighed against the valuables in your home. Home CCTV prices range from a few hundred pounds to thousands, depending on the quality, features, and functionality you desire. However, the latest technology advancements, wireless connectivity, and smartphone features such as real-time alerts have sent prices tumbling, as smart homes enjoy an upward trend in desirability.

So, aside from getting a discount on your contents insurance, does the evidence support a crime reduction, and do your want to join the eight of ten home CCTV owners who feel more at ease because they have a security system in place?

Proven To Deter Crime

According to Opinion Matters’ research conducted on behalf of Co-op Insurance, only 14% of adults in the UK have home security cameras. Yet, they are recognised as one of the biggest deterrents to thieves, along with motion-detecting outdoor lighting, active internal lighting, and the sound of barking dogs.

According to the London Metropolitan Police, security cameras are a powerful weapon in helping the police solve crimes. The head of London’s Metropolitan Police advises homeowners to install their home CCTV system at eye-level to capture criminals’ faces clearly.

Based on a culmination of data from 41 studies, for every 100 crimes, an average of 16 crimes are prevented by CCTV. Furthermore, if your home CCTV covers your garage and driveway, 26 out of 100 crimes are prevented. These figures were generated by people reporting crimes and attempted crimes to the police. So, if unreported cases were factored in, home CCTV’s protective effect could be many times more.

CCTV Provides Peace Of Mind

To ensure your home CCTV deters criminal intent, you should ensure they are located where they can be clearly seen. This may mean clearing branches from trees or bushes so that your visible warning can be seen from the street.

You should aim to employ a set of home CCTV cameras with the scope to cover all entrances, doors, and windows. The most important thing you should do when choosing a home CCTV system is to talk to a professional. It is hard to beat the advice on offer when planning a real criminal deterrent.

For further advice or to discuss how CCTV cameras can protect your home and family, please contact our experts.