Smart home technology is becoming more and more available and works with different systems in the home. These new automated, intelligent systems help you to manage and control the services in your home in new ways. Smart lighting is a significant first step if you are new to smart home devices.

The lights add a tremendous aesthetic to your home, giving you the perfect amount of light for each room. Not only do they look good but they save you money too.You can set timers to make sure lights are not on for too long. You can switch off lights when you are not home, handy if you leave the house and forget to turn off the lights.

Ways that smart lighting saves you money

Initially, a luxury for bespoke homes, smart lighting was not accessible to many homeowners. As with many technologies, over the years the technology advances and becomes more affordable. You may think of smart lighting as a decorative item, but it can also save you money. Smart lighting helps you save money on your monthly bills, and here’s how:


The smart lighting system is completely customisable to your home and schedule. You can set timers so you know when the lights will come on and switch off. You can make sure the lights stay off when you are not at home and come on again when it gets dark. Setting the timer lets you choose when the lights switch off at night, so none are forgotten.


Smart lighting controls include dimmer functions so you can reduce the amount of light coming from each source. You don’t always need to have the room fully illuminated, and dimming the bulb uses less energy. Also, dimming the light will save on replacement bulbs as running dimmer extends the life of the lamp.

Energy Costs

You can save up to £50 a year on your electricity costs by switching to smart technology. An LED bulb uses only 5W, while a standard filament bulb will use 40W of electricity to create the same amount of light. That is a significant drop in energy usage, and you will see that reflected in your energy bills.

Other benefits of smart home lighting

While you will undoubtedly love the cost savings with smart home lighting, there are also other benefits with this type of smart home technology. These include:


Smart home lighting can be part of the security system for your home. Controllable lighting in the garden and house can make you home more secure. Adequately illuminating the garden will make it less appealing to potential thieves. You can set house lights to come on and off when you are on holiday, so it looks like someone is home.


The choice of smart lights available lets you decorate your home in a whole new way. Transform the look of any room and add the right ambiance with different lighting settings.


A big thing that homeowners love about smart lighting is the remote control element. You can switch off that light upstairs without getting out of your seat. If you leave home and realise light shave been left on, you can turn everything off remotely.

Smart home lighting installation

At Opus Smart Solutions, we work with homeowners to find the best smart lights for their homes. We use the latest technology and the very best smart home lights. If you are considering upgrading your house lights or want smart lighting for a new extension, contact us today.