CCTV Installations

Opus Smart Solutions provides home and business CCTV installations. High-profile cameras deter thieves and burglars and are the most effective way to protect your home and help your family feel safer. 
Our CCTV installation service provides the equipment you need to record full high-definition footage that is clear, day or night. Our professional team installs wired and wireless internal and external systems that are reliable and easy to use. 
We can discuss the most critical factors you should consider, helping you choose the right security camera installation the first time. From a single entrance camera to systems designed to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour and CCTV camera installation design for complete coverage with various configurations, we have the solution you need. 

Keep your home safe wherever you are with a CCTV installation

Modern CCTV  installations allow you to view what is happening in your home, wherever you are, on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. You can watch the footage when you are on holiday, at work, or while you are out shopping. 
Notifications can alert you on your iPad or iPhone of activity with data stored on a hard drive in your home or remotely in the Cloud. A CCTV camera installation is also a great way to watch over vulnerable elderly relatives and see who is visiting them. Our CCTV installations can also incorporate two-way communication, which is a great safety aspect and useful when watching over your kids. 

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems and CCTV installations from Opus bring the latest innovations to your home or business. We install systems with night vision capabilities that deliver crystal clear results, even when it is pitch black. 
We can suggest professional-grade systems that are suitable for presenting evidence in court, often used in anti-social behaviour cases. If you want to record in 4K quality, enjoy the benefits of facial recognition and pet recognition, then we have the product you are looking for. 


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