Smart LED commercial lighting for businesses

Installing smart LED commercial lighting makes sense for many reasons and will allow you and your business to cut costs, save energy, and create the perfect working environment. Commercial LED lighting is an effective solution, and Opus can carry out commercial lighting installation in offices, factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, retail units, and in almost any other type of business premises.

Commercial LED lights are durable and significantly better at producing brighter spaces with superior light quality. Our smart LED lights have an expected long life of much more than a decade, helping you reduce labour costs and time.

Smart lighting for business

Smart lighting allows you to control the light in your premises from any location. You can manage your business lighting using a laptop, desktop, or through a mobile device.

Smart actions are undertaken automatically to help reduce your lighting costs. Motion sensors and occupancy sensors can turn lights on and off as spaces go in and out of use. Smart software can also monitor and analyse typical traffic patterns, to further ensure the lighting of areas takes place when needed. Daylight sensors, also known as photo sensors, can also be used to optimise and adjust office lighting as the weather conditions and natural light levels change.

Dimmable switch systems can save power by running the LED business lighting at less than 100% power, when appropriate. This, for example, will allow a business to light spaces overnight, for security reasons, while saving running costs and extending the life of the LED lights.

Energy efficient commercial lighting

LED business lights are a lighting innovation and the most energy-efficient lighting technology on the market. Your business can avoid wasted energy released as heat by older lighting technologies. You will reduce energy consumption and make energy savings of up to 90%.

With smart commercial LED lighting, your business can play its part in sustainability and tackling climate change. Energy usage software can record light usage patterns to highlight inefficiencies and anomalies to help you make further savings.

Commercial lighting installation

Installation is straightforward, and with wireless connectivity, we can upgrade your system quickly and without significant disruption to your business operations.

Opus Smart Solutions is ready to help you optimise your business with smart technologies. Our commercial lighting installation can be undertaken as a stand-alone service or form part of a more comprehensive building management system that controls and monitors heating and security.

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