Building management systems

A building management system (BMS) is an essential asset that saves time, money, and energy. A BMS system is computer-based and monitors and controls electrical and mechanical equipment such as heating, lighting, and security.

With a BMS building management system installed by Opus Smart Solutions, your environment runs efficiently with less human input. Building control systems range from small systems that are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses through to bespoke systems designed specifically for large commercial premises, such as office hubs and hotels.

Building energy management system

BMS lighting is a mainstay because BMS lighting control saves on energy bills and removes the requirement for personnel to remember to adjust the light as the building moves in and out of business hours and rooms or entire floors go in and out of operation.

A BMS heating system will control the environment of your premises to ensure a comfortable working space by taking control of your premise’s ventilation and heating. The BMS heating control ensures energy efficiency by heating or cooling spaces automatically.

Together, BMS lighting and heating can perform an essential role that will reduce your business’s utility bills and place a massive tick next to your business’s green credentials.

BMS controls and monitors many aspects and can form the backbone of your building maintenance system. The intelligent building management system can ensure regular maintenance, and safety checks take place and can alert your staff to outages.

BMS monitoring system

Our BMS control system can enhance your security and stop educated criminals and opportunistic thieves. When security becomes part of your integrated building management system, your commercial assets and your staff are kept safe and secure.

Our BMS monitoring systems can include numerous elements dependent on the scope of the requirements. Smart video surveillance can capture high definition images, inside and outside your premises. You can view what is happening in real-time, with movement sensors alerting you or your security staff.

From state-of-the-art security alarms to keyless entry and personnel monitoring, our BMS monitoring system gives you a cutting edge control system that does the hard work for you, 24 hours a day. Choose Opus for a smart business solution that utilises the latest technology to ensure your building is efficient and safe, with hassle-free building or office management.

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