Choose Opus for a Smart Home Solution that operates
through a tailored smart home tech system which keeps
your home exactly as you like it: safe, efficient and hassle-free.

NICEIC approved electrical contractor and facilities management provider.



House rewiring is often necessary on older properties, with old wires and faulty electrics creating a dangerous hazard that can start a fire or cause injury or electrocution.

Opus can check to see if your wiring is up to date and we offer both full and partial rewiring services to ensure the electrical circuits of your property are capable of managing modern living demands.


Faulty wiring, shorts, and improperly insulated wiring can all lead to electrical fires putting the lives of your employees or tenants at risk. It is the responsibility of the landlord or business owner to ensure that their property is safe and up to date with the latest electrical safety regulations.

Periodic EICR testing can help reduce the likelihood of dangerous electrical faults, protecting employees, tenants and landlords alike.


Home and business CCTV installations are an effective way to deter thieves and burglars, protecting your home and making your family and employees feel safer.

With a range of choices, from single cameras to monitor a front entance to complete ten camera systems with night vision giving you coverage of every corner of a building, we can make sure you get full peace of mind.


Making the switch to a smart lighting system is the most efficient way to start saving money through smart automation. Utilising smart lighting means you can save around £35 per year, rising up to £50 per year when you optimise your smart lighting system to turn off when you leave a room.

Before you know it you’ll make the remote control, scheduling, and smart automation features a seamless part of your daily life.

Smart lighting is not only available for your home, but also for your business. Opus offers a wide range of energy saving smart LED commercial lighting solutions that can be operated from anywhere.


82% of people with smart security systems find that it increases how comfortable they feel when at home – because it gives them total control and peace of mind. This comfort is yours to take wherever you go, as smart security allows you to monitor your home anytime, anywhere.

Check on both the interior and exterior of your home through CCTV, get notified whenever a motion sensor is tripped, and even greet people at the door – whether you’re in or not. All from one app.

With crime on the rise, there are a large amount of businesses opting to utilise smart business security systems to offer that peace of mind that even when their business is empty, they can still feel secure that their company and assets are safe.


The future of reducing your home’s carbon footprint is through smart technology. Your smart home gets to know your schedule and preferences, so that everything from lights and motorised shades to a smart heating can be automated with precision. Smart technology makes adjustments as needed to maintain optimal temperature and lighting in the most efficient way possible.

As well as making your daily life much greener, optimising your home with smart technology will save you an average of £450 per year. Savings will only increase from there when you start to fine-tune your system to do things like turn the lights off when you leave a room.


Cutting edge technology has never been so convenient. Your smart home is made up of a network of devices, all of which talk to each other and can be controlled through one single interface. Your home’s lighting, security, temperature, appliances, and devices are all connected through an app on your phone or tablet, putting you in control at all times.

Whether you’re turning off the downstairs lights from the comfort of your bed, or just checking in on things while you’re at work, the management of your home couldn’t be easier.